Kerlink value proposal is based on IoT Network Infrastructure and Services and Value-Added Services and Solutions for Applications. We are expert in delivering end-to-end IoT network, from embedding connectivity in sensors at early steps of design, to providing remote end device management, leveraging state of the art radio infrastructure and core network management.

Our transverse solutions are made easy to meet requirements of various verticals and support many use cases for a broad array of customers like:


Public operators  


Mobile Networks Operators (MNOs), Mobile Network Virtual Operators (MVNOs), Cable Operators or Telecom Tower Operators are all willing to create tremendous value for the IoT business and help their customers to transition to digitalization. Discover how Kerlink can help.


Private operators


Private Businesses, Industries, Services, Cities, Administrations are facing increasing challenges to streamline their operations, reduce their costs and manage their assets. IoT connectivity makes processes automation, operations scalability and energy consumption reduction faster, while unlocking innovative services creation and new business models. Kerlink can help them being quickly successful.

Device Designers


With the demand for connected end-devices embedding more innovation, new features, and designed in shorter conception cycles, there is increasing pressure on OEMs, Device Designers, Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers to reduce cost and speed product launch.

The design complexities to support state-of-the-art and adapted connectivity technology is greater than ever. By using an off-the-shelf Reference Design and production-ready bill of material (BoM), you will accelerate your time to market from concept to finished product and eliminate 6-12 months from your development timeline, while securing design robustness and reliability over time.