Wanesy Small Private Network

You are interested Smart businesses, smart cities, smart farms, energy and water utilities, factories .. ?

You are looking for an “entry-level” and secured, management solution for simple and economical network setup for indoor and mixed indoor/outdoor use.

Here is Wanesy Small Private Network (also called Wanesy SPN).

Based on its highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), Wanesy SPN2 allows users to speed-up deployment, optimize network operation and maintenance, and quickly put their data to work.


As Wanesy SPN2 is fully integrated in the Wirnet iFemtoCell’ firmware, this is eliminating the need for cloud storage and a more complex network design.


The platform can support up to 20 carrier-grade Kerlink LoRaWAN Wirnet Stations and iBTS carrier-grade outdoor gateways, or Wirnet iFemtoCell gateways, specifically designed for indoor applications.

Easy to configure, Wanesy SPN offers multiple options for backhaul, including Ethernet, WiFi or cellular.


So, Let’s start your mono-gateway or multi-gateway use-cases, let’s mix indoor and outdoor collected data with Wanesy SPN2 !


Leaflet – Wanesy SPN