IoT Fleet Management Solutions

Products in the Wirtrack range allow to deploy fleet management solutions. This range of products is composed of self-operating beacons that make possible to track, trace and monitor good transportation vehicles. Each product in the range can be fitted to special needs : ATEX certification, replaceable batteries, sensors ready…

The Wirma range offer packaged or tailor-developed solutions that embed features like geolocation, technical data send, download content (passenger information, videos) and the communication from/to the vehicle.

Fleet management based on IoT networks stays in the present concerns of eco-living and smart cities. Applications such as geo fencing, containers monitoring, cold chain monitoring or even car sharing system.



The Wirtrack Outdoor range is composed of on-board GPS/GPRS beacons. They are battery-powered and can relay their position and other information.


The module Wirma RS is designed for the resource sharing especially for the self-service vehicles and carsharing.