uCIFI Alliance

Kerlink is a founding and board member of the uCiFi Alliance, a non-profit organization founded by global market leaders to unlock the Smart Cities & Utilities markets with Open-Source and Multi-Transport Wireless Communications Technology.

uCIFI Mission & Value Proposition

uCIFI is specifying a unified data model & interface across multiple IoT networks including LoRaWAN, NB-IoT & an Open Source Sub-GHz MESH network to enable interoperability between vendors, drastically reduce integration complexity, risk and cost when developing & deploying Smart Cities & Utilities Applications.

uCIFI is specifying an open-source sub-GHz mesh wireless network with the same unified data model & interface, to complement the existing open LPWAN networks (LoRa and NB-IoT) and provide Device-To-Device open networking solutions to Smart Streetlight and Metering Applications.

uCIFI Key Benefits

The Unified Data model

  • Enables interoperability;
  • Prevents vendor lock-in;
  • Simplifies and reduces integration cost and accelerate solutions and projects deployments


The Open Source Implementation

  • Offers real openness
  • Reduces solutions cost and increase mass adoption
  • Is opened to future networks evolution
  • Enables device & solutions providers not to be commoditized by proprietary network suppliers or network services operator


The Multi-Supplier & Interoperable approach

  • Prevents vendor lock-in
  • Stimulates competition and differentiating features
  • Reduces cost and accelerate market adoption


The Multi-Transport architecture choice

  • Enables to tackle all Smart Cities and Utilities Use Cases
  • Reduces and simplify Integration cost and accelerate solutions and projects deployments
  • Opens fully the IoT connectivity offer for Smart Cities & Utilities by providing alternative to closed proprietary mesh networks for power critical infrastructure


Learn more about uCIFI     contact@ucifi.com

The open smart city: From strategic vision to reality








Openness and interoperability are the goal for many cities around the world. There’s a growing understanding that closed systems risk vendor lock-in, duplicated costs and silos, and could hamper what cities can do in the future.


Watch the replay of this webinar to get a snapshot of city sentiment around openness and interoperability, an overview of leading players’ progress and a look at what’s next to move from theory to reality.


Key Takeaways from this webinar to learn:

  • Data and analysis from new research by SmartCitiesWorld and uCIFI, looking at the challenges to interoperability, examples of progress and remaining questions
  • A case study from Sibelga, the distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region.
  • The vendor’s view on openness and interoperability with Kerlink
  • Insight into how industry leaders are collaborating to create a more open future through uCIFI Alliance, including the latest update on uCIFI’s data model