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Connectivity provider Boston Networks is collaborating on and investing in the IoT Scotland project with the Scottish Government (which is directly investing £2.7 million), Scottish Enterprise, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the government’s economic and community development agency.

The IoT Scotland project will enable diverse uses of the IoT, from tracking of municipal infrastructure like waste bins and street lights to smart building technology that can reduce energy consumption and carbon foot­prints. IoT Scotland will be available in cities, towns and rural areas, providing large available markets for newly conceived and executed IoT concepts that support consumers, agriculture, transportation, govern­ment and other sectors.


“Kerlink’s combination of reliable technical capabilities and experience in building out carrier-grade IoT networks in diverse locales makes them a very attractive partner. Key factors for our vendor choice included Kerlink’s proposed gateway management solution and its loca­tion-based services, which will help IoT Scotland open up commercialization opportunities for users ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Availability of a robust and secure network will allow them to focus on deploy­ment of sensors and applications with advanced functions. I have been very impressed with Kerlink’s implementation of our platform – both in terms of speed of deployment and responsiveness during the project phase.”

Falk Bleyl, Chief Technology Officer – Boston Networks


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