Established in 2014, eleven-x offers extensive knowledge of wireless technology, connectivity in the wireless world and low-power communication networks – along with a passion for helping organizations benefit from the potential of the IoT. Eleven-x is positioned at the intersection of wireless connectivity and communication and is able to collect data from “things” that could not be connected previously. Its team offers a combined 275 years of wireless data-communication experience to help customers get the solution that is right for their needs.

The company operates Canada’s first and only public, coast-to-coast low-power LoRaWANTM IoT network, deployed in 22 markets and powered by Kerlink WirnetTM Stations for managing millions of bi-directional messages every day from sensors and other data-collecting devices. Eleven-x has launched pilot programs in smart parking, asset tracking, water metering, fuel tank monitoring, smart waste management and other applications across Canada.


“Since the network’s nationwide rollout, Canadians have shown strong enthusiasm for launching a variety of applications and creating new use cases in the categories where IoT connectivity excels. These include improving business and municipal efficiency, as well as safety and security. Kerlink’s carrier-grade LoRaWAN gateways and ongoing professional support of our network are facilitating the launch of these pilot programs across the country.”

Dan Mathers, eleven-x CEO



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For more information about eleven-x : https://eleven-x.com/