Spark is deploying a low-power wide-area (LPWA) Internet of Things network that will provide New Zealanders with cost-efficient, two-way information and data from sensors and various applications in smart metering, smart buildings, smart agriculture, smart cities and asset tracking. Based on LoRa® technology, the network will cover around 70% of New Zealand’s urban center and rural populations by 2018. Eighty percent of New Zealand’s population will have access to Spark’s IoT network by mid-2018.

“The efficiency, safety and security applications that the Internet of Things offers will change how our cities and businesses operate. We can put sensors on vehicles and equipment so we know where they are and how they’re being used. Companies can track assets far from their warehouses and sensors installed in parks, refuse bins and other municipal assets will help our councils improve the efficiency of routine maintenance. Kerlink LoRaWAN gateways are helping Spark deliver these services with high reliability and strong performance, while also providing geolocation-ready design and enabling a wide array of concrete, value-added applications.”

Michael Stribling, Spark’s GM IoT Solutions


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