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Kerlink & HXperience


Operations monitoring solution in Accor Invest hotels

Abstract : “Born from the sale by AccorHotels of its property portfolio, AccorInvest is now a world leader in hotel real estate. It acts as an investor, owner and hotel operator with a portfolio of 885 hotels in 26 countries. The project between AccorInvest, HXperience and Kerlink was born from the group’s general goal on reducing the carbon footprint and the “Low-carbon” plan initiatives launched in its real estate assets in 2016.”


Kerlink & Legrand



Legrand and Kerlink partner to create safer building evacuation system


Abstract : ” Smart Building is a fast-expanding segment of IoT-network deployments. Worldwide, the smart combination of communication networks, sensors and applications brings unprecedented tools and solutions for energy optimization, alerting systems and decision-making processes, so as to reduce the energy consumption or improve security in a building. Being able to regularly monitor the proper functioning and the battery level of an equipment helps preventive maintenance and avoiding any risk of failure during operation.”



Fast and easy deployment of a Smart City building-management solution with Sensing Vision

Abstract : “From the rural towns to bustling metropolises, building management systems are being installed around the world. But beyond the cost efficiencies, increased personal comfort, energy savings or even “light-and-heating” management, municipalities require reliable tools to contiunously monitor key metrics. Anticipating this market, the French start-up Sensing Vision designed an innovative smart-building management platform based on Kerlink WirnetTM LoRaWANTM gateways.”


SmartCity is not made exclusively for big cities as Cazzano can prove successfully prove it.


Abstract : “Smart cities are beginning to blossom all around the world and are imagined to be designed for metropolises. Some initiatives are however being deployed notably in France, where some village have already set smart networks solutions. It is the case of Cozzano, in France’s Southern Island of Corsica. This 300-person village has in its DNA to be at the top of the energetical performance innovation: over decades, Cozzano installed a biomass boiler and a hydrolectric powerplan in the target of producing more electricity than needed by the village’s consumption.”





Smart city solution at work for Piovene Rocchette, Italy

Abstract :”Piovene Rocchette, an Italian town of about 8,000 people at the foot of the Vicentine Prealps, needed to monitor environmental conditions in its numerous public buildings. The need was especially strong in winter, when maintaining comfortable temperatures and managing energy consumption inside buildings are essential. As in most buildings around the world, temperature management typically was entrusted to simple room thermostats, which were not up to the performance expected by a smart city”