Airport, harbours & Infrastructures

Kerlink & Adveez

Adveez optimizes airport asset monitoring and tracking using LoRaWAN connectivity


Abstract : ” Large airports are highly complex and tightly regulated operations, and airport managers are always on the lookout
for ways – procedures, technologies, and systems – to improve efficiency and maintain safety and security among a myriad of moving parts. The Internet of Things provides them with multiple possibilities to strengthen operations, improve services for travelers and reduce operating costs.”



Kerlink & Worldsensing

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Kerlink teams up with Worldsensing to power vast smart-parking system in Los Angeles metro area


Abstract : “As the public transportation authority for the Los Angeles, Calif., metropolitan area, LA Metro operates one of the world’s largest metro transport systems. Serving an area of more than 3,830 square kilometers, its trains and buses carried passengers on nearly 400 million trips in 2017. But ridership is dropping.”