Kerlink and Electronica Elemon team up to accelerate adoption of Internet of Things in Latin America

Electronica Elemon, the leading electronic components distributor in Argentina, is selling and installing Kerlink’s Internet of Things solutions in that country.


Established in 1975 and based in Buenos Aires, the company serves the country’s largest cities, where it focuses on manufacturers and large businesses, and municipalities deploying smart-city solutions. It has installed more than 250 Kerlink gateways, primarily the Wirnet iBTS Compact, a highly scalable, outdoor LoRaWANTM gateway, in Argentina and major cities of Latin America. In addition to smart-cities, the company is focusing on multiple verticals, such as smart parking, smart lighting, smart agriculture, smart buildings, smart metering and waste management.


“Electronica Elemon is recognized as a very reliable business partner and supplier of high-quality equipment in Argentina,” said Ermeline Lebon, head of channel sales at Kerlink. “Their thorough understanding of the vertical business sectors and their contacts will help position Kerlink as a leading provider of LoRaWANTM solutions in what is becoming a very dynamic IoT market.”


“Building on more than 43 years of experience supplying major industries with high-quality electronic components and equipment, Electronica Elemon is well positioned to accelerate adoption of the Internet of Things in our markets. Our experience with Kerlink in the City of Buenos Aires confirmed for our customers and us why Kerlink is a leading global provider of LoRaWAN networks, and why partnering with them will help both our companies.”


Daniel M. Garbarino, Elemon Electronica president