What are our vision and mission

Over the past ten years, devices connected to the Internet have multiplied and evolved. This evolution predicts tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities: Building and maintaining a connected and digital society and serving humanity and the environment, for a better world. Kerlink is helping to shape this future society every day because we know that communication is everything.

Kerlink is an IoT connectivity-network and management-software company that assists businesses and cities of all sizes to design, launch, and operate IoT networks, and to reliably and securely connect things that matter, over time.

Kerlink crystalizes a strong ecosystem of LoRaWAN®-network partners by leveraging its connectivity solutions and best-in-class building blocks to design innovative connected devices, conceive smart applications, and unlock the real potential of the IoT to improve the lives of people around the world.

Kerlink – Communication is Everything.


Kerlink, a proven, one-stop-shop provider of LoRaWAN® end-to-end IoT network solutions