Wirnet iFemtoCell

Wirnet iFemtoCell is a nano gateway designed for indoor applications.

They are in the core of the IoT (Internet of Things) network solution and enable a fast and secured data transmission between the connected object and the information system.

It allows to deploy and create a reliable and secured LoRaTM  network for developping new innovative applications such as smart building, factory monitoring …

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Wirnet iFemtoCell

  • Remote Equipment
  • LoRa Communication
  • Wirnet iFemtoCell
  • Backhaul WLAN/4G
  • Customer information system


  • Easy installation
  • Light infrastructure
  • Powerful in a small case
  • Wanesy RAN ready

Technical features

  • 49 LoRa demodulators over 9 channels
  • Linux Operating System
  • Compliant with 868, 915, 923 MHz ISM bands
  • case IP21
  • operating between -20°c (-4°F) and +55°C (+131°F)