Wirnet Station

The Wirnet Station range allows a robust and reliable LoRa™ network deployment.

They are in the core of the IoT (Internet of Things) network solution and enable a fast and secured data transmission between the connected object and the information system.

The Wirnet range of products is declined under serveral configuration to meet the need of each world area (APAC, Americas…)

Wirnet Station is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-integrate gateway dedicated to outdoor solutions. Thanks to a long range up to 15 kilometers, Wirnet Station allows a secured and robust connectivity between the sensor and the information system.



Wirnet Station in your IoT chain

  • Remote equipement
  • LoRa communication
  • Wirnet Station
  • Backhaul 3G/4G
  • Customer information system

Wirnet Station is the most deployed LoRa gateway in the world


  • Low power supply consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Light infrastructure
  • Adaptable to any application
  • Wanesy RAN ready


Technical features

  • 49 LoRa demodulators over 9 channels
  • Linux Operating System
  • Compliant with 868, 915, 923, 433 MHz ISM bands
  • Rugged case IP67
  • Full operating between -20°c (-4°F) and +60°C (+140°F)

Use cases

  • smart-energy
  • smart-cities
  • smart-agricultures-environment
  • smart-transportation-logistics
  • smart-industries
  • smart-building-facilities
  • smart-health