Kerlink and DataLong16 will demo asset-tracking system for Port of Barcelona during Mobile World Congress

The demonstration will showcase the pilot deployment of an IoT network that helps port authorities track and dispatch maintenance equipment and personnel in the port.

In addition to determining the exact location of the 10 vehicles in the port’s maintenance fleet, the application enables authorities to respond to calls for urgent repairs to facilities and equipment by sending personnel who are closest to the scene of the problem to make the repairs.

‘Working with Kerlink in a rapidly expanding IoT market will help us offer our customers, such as the Port of Barcelona, connectivity solutions to effectively manage assets and improve their fleet operations.’

Miquel Delamano, DataLong16 IoT network director

Kerlink is providing its Wanesy Management Center to power the LoRa core network, its Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN gateways to cover the entire area, and its Wanesy Geolocation solver to provide geographic coordinates. DataLong16 designed and operates the application software to map the vehicles’ status, locate the mission and route the nearest repair team on the spot. The fleet monitoring system also includes Flex LPWAN DevKits embedded in maintenance vehicles and communicating over the network to enable geolocation.

“Like IoT network deployments in smart cities where Kerlink’s equipment is used to track assets, DataLong16’s system in the Port of Barcelona will immediately provide the port operator with insights of how their maintenance fleet is used and ways to make it more efficient,” said Virginie Bonnot, sales director in Kerlink’s Advanced Services business unit.