Telemetry-Equipment Leader Tekelek Speeds Device Time to Market with Kerlink Reference Design

February 26, 2018


Tekelek, a leading developer and manufacturer of telemetry products and solutions, recently launched a remote-metering solution with new devices based on Kerlink’s reference design platform and LoRaWAN connectivity.

The platform, which Kerlink added to its suite of services in 2017, delivers a complete package of hardware, software, development-and-test tools and guidelines to help device makers design and produce IoT network devices with an accelerated time to market.

For Tekelek, the No. 1 supplier of ultrasonic tank-monitoring devices in Europe with more than 2.5 million devices in the field, the combination of Kerlink’s reference design and Wirnet Stations, and LoRaWAN IoT connectivity, enabled the company to quickly design and produce remote-monitoring sensors and assure customers they could cost effectively deploy networks for monitoring gas containers.


‘Prior to adopting the Kerlink reference design, a key business challenge had been convincing customers of the value of investing in cellular technology to monitor their equipment, which typically is spread over wide areas. These deployments are now part of the evolution in remote telemetry applications.’

Oliver McCarthy, general manager of Tekelek.