Kerlink acquires stake in indoor geolocation leader, Wyres

Created in 2015, Wyres has already built strong expertise in designing and delivering robust and performant indoor geolocation systems, leveraging its multi-technology radio skills (ultrasound, BLE, ultrawide-band and LoRa®). Its portfolio provides complete solutions combining tags, beacons, an indoor geolocation solver and business applications, which are being deployed for industrial operations.

Wyres especially targets customers like public services, multi-site industries and private companies in market segments such as logistics, manufacturing, hospital services and agriculture, among others. The Grenoble-based company’s solutions also provide evaluation kits for integrators, software vendors and service providers to enable their IT, R&D and engineering departments to master the challenging tasks of successfully designing and deploying advanced geolocated industrial IoT applications.

Acquiring a 51 percent stake in Wyres is consistent with the first of the Kerlink’s five market-growth strategies that will drive its roadmap for 2019-20: consolidating the technological edge.

“Wyres’ leadership in indoor geolocation technologies, including LoRa-based solutions, has positioned it as a leading reference supplier for the digitalization of the enterprises’ operations and physical flows. As a LoRaWANTM industry market leader, Kerlink was already offering a performant outdoor geolocation solution. The resulting combination and synergy will generate a differentiating global value proposal for our customers and bring them tremendous benefits in deploying seamless geolocation solutions in priority markets such as airports, smart cities, asset tracking and manufacturing.

Robert Clapham, Kerlink deputy CEO.