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Kerlink is a proactive and flexible service provider continuously offering its customers innovative, reliable, highly-performant, scalable and energy-efficient IoT equipment and solutions.

Kerlink launched a range of embedded & ruggedized devices and applications for transportation using cellular connectivity, in addition to fleet management and tracking solutions , such as passenger information and entertainment, fuel-efficiency monitoring and car/bike sharing.

Kerlink introduced several innovative low-bandwidth SIM-less M2M solutions to meet the wireless-connectivity needs of gas-and-water suppliers, including remote metering . As an early leader in developing and implementing the Wireless M-Bus standard, a widely used RF communication link for gas, water, electricity and heat metering, Kerlink strongly promoted its use in Europe.

Kerlink also specializes in LoRaWAN end-to-end Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT network solutions to make cost-effective, energy-efficient and long-distance connectivity easily available for players of all size and enabling them to deploy their own private IoT Network Infrastructure  and manage their Network Operations .

Kerlink also offers private operators Expert Support and Professional Services  to reduce the timeline to bring performant IoT networks live and optimize their design and operations for non-telco professionals.


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“Simplify and accelerate IoT network design, deployment and operation with end-to-end turnkey solutions”

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This range is composed of :

  • The Wirnet Range :

    The Wirnet Range is a network solution based on LoRaWAN technology and designed for free bandwidth in each area of the world.




  • The Wirgrid range :

    The Wirgrid range allows to transmit the index of energy or flows meter to the customer Information System, without any wire link.




  • The Wirma & Wirtrack range :

    The Wirma range offer packaged or tailor-developed solutions that embed features like geolocation, technical data send, download content (passenger information, videos) and the communication from/to the vehicle.

  • The Wirtrack range propose solutions dedicated to applications of good transportation in harsh conditions (geolocation, technical data, ATEX protection…).