Private operators offer

The range of products and solutions by Kerlink dedicated to IoT addresses to private operators of connectivity M2M and IoT that want to deploy and operate their network by their own. This range allows an easy deployment, an optimized network management and a quick set up of connected end-points. It enables to reduce the infrastructure costs and capitalize a compatibility with solutions / protocols that have been validated by segments like energy…

This range is composed of :

  • The Wirnet Range :

    The Wirnet Range is a network solution based on LoRaWAN™ technology and designed for free bandwidth in each area of the world.




  • The Wirgrid range :

    The Wirgrid range allows to transmit the index of energy or flows meter to the customer Information System, without any wire link.




  • The Wirma & Wirtrack range :

    The Wirma range offer packaged or tailor-developed solutions that embed features like geolocation, technical data send, download content (passenger information, videos) and the communication from/to the vehicle.

  • The Wirtrack range propose solutions dedicated to applications of good transportation in harsh conditions (geolocation, technical data, ATEX protection…).