Values & Careers


Encouraging entrepreneurship

Risk-taking and the desire for entrepreneurship are at the very origin of our creation. The Group promotes personal development, encourages autonomy of action, and stimulates the taking of initiatives by increasingly entrusting responsibility to everyone. The spirit of our Group is a balance between professionalism, perseverance, pragmatism and leadership, in order to mobilize the best of each, and to unite the teams around ambitious objectives, to satisfy our customers and our partners.

Promote exchange and communication

Guided by strong ethical principles, such as respect and honesty, the Group constantly strives itself to maintain a friendly atmosphere, full of community spirit, encouraging dialogue and facilitating the fluidity of exchanges, both internally and externally. The breaking of silos, the accessibility, and the establishment of a climate of confidence and benevolence make it possible to relax relations and increase the sense of belonging of each individual, as well as the cohesion and the performance of all.

Maintain our creativity and innovation

Kerlink carries creative and innovative know-how to its DNA. We have gradually built our success and strengthened our legitimacy on these solid foundations. This pioneering and inventive spirit remains paramount in our open way of understanding the future, anticipating evolving needs and designing tomorrow solutions in order to renew the interest and trust of our customers.

Constantly seek excellence

ISO certified, committed to continuous improvement, and constantly listening to our customers, our Group and our employees accept no compromise as to the quality of our achievements. Ambassador and actor of the digital transformation, the constant attention paid to the excellence of our products and services presides over our choices, shapes our development, and reinforces our difference.


Our job offers

There are currently no vacancies at Kerlink.

We are, however, always interested in spontaneous applications.

Please send a copy of your CV with a letter of motivation to