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Pervasive Nation is Ireland’s Internet of Things (IoT) network operated by CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications headquartered at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Pervasive Nation is based on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking, using LoRaWAN technology.

CONNECT is building a national scale IoT testbed that will become a resource for industry, government and academia, and act as a strong catalyst for Internet of Things research and innovation for new applications and services in smart agriculture, smart cities, smart health and other fields.

The testbed is particularly suited to connectivity and networking of small, simple devices in difficult-to-reach locations and remote areas. These devices typically require battery operation or have only small energy-scavenging needs and communicate in low data rates. LoRaWAN networks offer the combined benefits of long battery life for sensors (up to 10 years), long-range coverage in license-free ISM spectrum (up to 15 kilometers), and lower cost for connected devices.


Pervasive Nation is a resource for the Irish research community and is open to both academic and industrial researchers who want to test pre-commercial IoT ideas. The Internet of Things is a fast-moving research area, and Pervasive Nation will provide the most advanced IoT technology. Our relationship with Kerlink, one of the founding members of the LoRa Alliance, allows us to deploy the latest gateway capabilities, mixing performance, scalability and reliability. These are crucial features of the network.”

Tim Forde, Executive Director of CONNECT


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