Netemera is Poland’s first operator of a nationwide public network dedicated to the Internet of Things, and an integrator of end-to-end IoT solutions. The network, based on the LoRaWAN technology and powered by Kerlink’s Wirnet iBTS and Wirnet iBTS Compact gateways, enables cost-saving and energy-efficiency features required for rapid implementation of the IoT. Netemera offers connectivity in Poland’s 17 biggest cities and plans further deployments to meet customer needs and provide indoor and deep-indoor coverage required for some applications.

Netemera’s network is dedicated to bidirectional, wireless communication for sensors that monitor variables such as geographical location, resource consumption, environmental parameters and the state of equipment. It allows Polish institutions, businesses and private users to design and deploy connected devices for smart applications like water-and-electricity metering, air-quality monitoring, fleet management, parking, lighting and asset tracking.


“Netemera’s Network for Machines already supports several deployments in the fields of smart cities, metering and tracking solutions. It also offers opportunities for IoT vendors and application developers to test new products and apps. Kerlink’s reliable, high-performance solutions and LoRaWAN will allow our customers to quickly and simply use the IoT for multiple applications.”

Laurent Thiriaux, CEO of Netemera


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