Proximus is an international telecom company and the leading provider of telephony, Internet, television and network-based ICT services in Belgium. Proximus’s LoRaWAN Internet of Things network covers Flanders, Brussels and most cities in Wallonia, with extensive deployments underway in other regions. The company also deployed an IoT network in Luxembourg. The networks are powered by more than 1,000 Wirnet Stations and Wirnet iBTS Standard LoRa® gateways.

In both countries, Proximus is helping customers quickly establish use cases in key IoT sectors, such as smart cities, smart metering, asset tracking, building monitoring and smart industry.


“Proximus launched a cell-densification project in Belgium shortly after our initial LoRaWAN network deployment, which is testimony to the positive reception and increasing use of the network by our customers. We tested Kerlink’s Wirnet stations before deployment, and they demonstrated that they fully meet the expectations of users, backed by the Kerlink team’s constant customer support and confirmed expertise.”

Alex Thomas, IoT program manager for Proximus


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