Senet owns and operates the largest low-power, carrier-grade, public LoRa network in North America, deployed in more than 225 cities across the United States. With its unique LoRaWAN network-as-a-service enablement models, Senet provides users with highly flexible options for participating in the global IoT revolution.

The company’s Cloud-based LoRaWAN Network Operating System is speeding up LPWAN commercialization worldwide and creating a ubiquitous IoT network that allows device placement on any LoRa network, with revenue sharing opportunities based on each partner’s role. Senet also supports an open partner-and-developer ecosystem that accelerates the commercialization of LoRaWAN applications and devices.

Senet is partnering with Kerlink to expand its network coverage and capacity and to roll out the first commercial network in North America to support LoRaWAN. Senet’s LoRa® end-nodes support this functionality, and can be used for a wide range of applications requiring location determination for battery-powered end-devices that do not require the precision of GPS.

Demand for these services is significant. Machina Research forecasts that a third of the world’s 15 billion connected devices will depend on geodata by the end of 2020.


“Strong ecosystem partnerships and critical technical advantages have allowed Senet to become a leading IoT connectivity-software and solutions provider. We are pleased to be working with trusted partners like Kerlink to bring geolocation and other enhanced features to market in order to meet the demands of mass scale IoT deployments.”

Dave Kjendal, CTO of Senet


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