Energy & Utilities

Kerlink & Digimondo


Smart Metering Case Study Real-Time Reading & Instantaneous Data Processing

Abstract “The global spread of digitization and the opening of electricity markets to competition have spawned new consumption-monitoring solutions and business  models in the energy industry. This, in turn, has led to widespread  adoption of cost-effective and standardized remote readout technologies for electricity  suppliers. But there are barriers to some smart-metering systems. In Germany, for example, electricity meters are often installed in the cellars or basements of houses. This makes it increasingly challenging to read consumption data using licensed RF technologies, mainly due to the limited deep-indoor, signal–penetration strength. Two common alternatives – asking customers to record their meter reading manually, or having a technician visit the installation to  record usage data – came with their own drawbacks: increased costs for utility companies, additional data-collection delay, the potential for errors, and, in the end, unsatisfied customers”



Kerlink & SAUR


Saur reaches a 95% performance rate of its deployed meters using a standards-based and future-proof Kerlink solution. 


Abstract : “Saur – an international company headquartered in France specialized in delivering water and waterrelated services – needed to replace its in-house smart metering solution to efficiently, reliably, safely, and economically satisfy its customers’
and operational needs. But Saur wanted a highly experienced partner with live-in-field, scalable, standardized solutions. So Saur turned to Kerlink for hardware, software management tools, and support services. With Kerlink’s help, Saur is deploying a highly successful, future-proof, smart water metering solution with a performance rate of 95% of its deployed meters.”